Recent Projects

  • MORE GAMES! " "Black Hills Gold", "Dragons Spawn"" "Big Berner" and "Lil' Berner".

  • Wrote and recorded a smashing new Blues song for the "DIVORCE CIRCUS" website!

  • Tom has recently completed Sound Design and Musical Scores for six new games: "Cruisin' for Cash", "Treasure Quest", "Ted and Edna's Out of This World", "Deep Sea Treasure", "Pigs In Mud" and "Bayou Bash".

  • Tom recently recorded, mixed and played guitar on the TV and radio spots for the national touring production of Sweet Charity starring Molly Ringwald. The 26 piece orchestra was led by conducting phenomenon (and friend from the Phantom days) Ross Scott Rawlings. Listen to the 30 second version here. P.S. That's none other than Dr. Diane Lindwarm Alonso singing with Molly!

  • Tom is being archived! Two of Tom's pieces, both of which were originally commissioned and performed by the internationally renowned Annapolis Brass Quintet, are being archived by the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. To hear an excerpt from Full Circle click here. To hear the entire ABQ Encore click here.

  • Tom recorded and mastered the latest CD from the Towson State University Early Music Ensemble titled Maryland Baroque Composers. For more information, click here.

  • Swarm of the Snakehead: Tom wrote the music for this comedy/horror/comedy feature. View the "Swarm of the Snakehead" movie trailer from YouTube and find out more at