TV & Movies

The following is a selected list of Tom's television and radio credits. If there is an x beside the name of the program of film, click it to listen to or watch a sample of Tom's work.

"Swarm of the Snakehead" (Feature) [x]
"Love Josh" (HBO) [x]
"Shark Attack" (Discovery Health)
"Bong and Donnell" (HBO)
"Miss Nora's Store" (PBS)
"Living Today" with Jim Palmer
"Keisha and Friends" (PBS)
"Marge and Walter" (PBS)
"Beginning With Bong" (PBS)
"Rachel: Being Five" (PBS)
"Linker Magic" (Children's Series Pilot)
"Share the Word" (Syndicated Series)
"Sunday to Sunday" (Syndicated Series)
"Choosing to Save" (WJLA TV)
"Teen Dads" (WBAL TV)
"Hardshell Baseball" (Maryland Public Television)
"Tusks" (Feature)
"The Orioles '89: Why Not?" (Baltimore Orioles)
"O', BABY!!" (WJZ TV)
"In the Spotlight" Theme Music (WJZ TV)
"Bringing Research to Life" (University of Maryland Video Press)
Tom at Ground Control Studios